Emergency Light Tests – In the event of a fire, emergency light systems can save lives!

Every second counts when evacuating a building, so it is vital to ensure your Emergency Lights and Exit systems are fully operational.

CGE Electrical can provide your business with six monthly onsite testing to ensure all your emergency lighting systems are maintained and fully functional to Australian Standard AS2293.




Emergency Exit Light                                                Emergency Spitfire                                       Emergency Lighting Test Kit


Legislation – If there is emergency lighting in your Body Corporate common areas, then this legislation applies to you.

Emergency lights must be tested every 6 months as per the ASNZS 2293.2.1995

This standard outlines that periodic inspection procedures are required for all emergency evacuation lighting so that they are ready and working at all times. The standard states that common areas, such as unit buildings or anywhere that has central and single emergency lighting, must be completed no greater than every six months.

Why is an Emergency Light Test important?

  • Provides guidance to exits in the event of a power outage, fire or other emergency
  • Is a key safety requirement, especially for buildings with multiple levels
  • Regular scheduled visits allows for any concerns to be dealt with quickly and easily, reducing the potential for bigger issues and costs

What our service includes:

  • Check fitting for 240v mains supply
  • 90min test and report completed every 6 months
  • Check that the battery charger operation indicator is functioning correctly
  • Insure all existing luminaries are on standby mode.
  • Replace all lamps annually
  • Record all test results in Emergency Light Test Log Book and place a copy in services box
  • Provide Body Corporate Manager with results of test and provide quotation for any failed fittings to be replaced.