The main hub for all electrical components; is your switchboard compliant and safe?

The switchboard is a vital component in the safety system for electrical circuits. They provide protection against short circuits, earth leakage and more. However, over time the switchboard is often neglected. Problems can and do arise such as faulty protective devices, loose cabling, exposed contacts, unsafe situations and not to mention the ever present danger of asbestos in the older boards.

For these reasons alone it is important to have the switchboard inspected regularly. CGE Electrical will not only make known the defects but provide recommendations on how to fix them.

Legislation – If there is a switchboard at your Body Corporate common areas, then this legislation applies to you.

The Australian Standard AS 3019 -2007 refers to the periodic verification for electrical services within common areas to be completed. Currently there is no legislation stating how frequent the inspection/testing needs to occur, however it a strong recommendation that all Body Corporates complete switchboard inspections every 2 years as a minimum as it a critical piece of infrastructure for the supply of power.

Why is a Switchboard Inspection important?

  • Duty of care of the asset as well as the residents and visitors
  • Regular scheduled visits allows for any concerns to be dealt with, reducing the potential for bigger issues and costs
  • Most older building switchboards are no longer compliant with today’s standard and are at danger due to the common day load occupants may put on the board

What our service includes:  

  • A visual inspection and written detailed report to have on file
  • Check consumer mains, wiring and circuit breakers
  • Check earthing electrode is compliant with standards
  • Check all neutral bars are supported on insulated fittings
  • Take photographs of any anomalies
  • Provide written quotation for recommendations