Test and Tag – Keeping every day appliances and equipment electrically compliant.

Testing and tagging is required for certain items to ensure the item is electrically safe and to standard. It usually involves visually inspecting and electrically testing in-service electrical equipment to ensure its safety. Test and tagging should be completed on all appliances and be a part of the regular electrical compliance. This can be a 6 or 12 Monthly Service depending on item requirement.

Legislation: If there are appliances or cabled in your Body Corporate a common area, then this legislation applies to you.

The Australian Standard for test and tagging (AS/NZS 3760:2013) outlines that an electrical appliance or equipment is to undergo the inspection to identify any defaults or potential dangers, including missing or faulty parts, also testing for earth continuity, polarity and insulation.

What our service includes:

  • Inspect the lead for defects
  • Inspect the plug for defects
  • Test the earthing of the item
  • Plug in item and ensure it is operational
  • Testing to ensure the integrity of the insulation

Replacing/repairing parts as required